Homework is the same Monday-Thursday.

 1)  Read for a minimum of 10 minutes.  I want students to read books at their independent level.  Encourage your child to do the "five finger test" to determine if their book choice is just right.  Here are some strategies the kids use in class that they could practice at home.  These strategies can be practiced in isolation, or together:

-  As they read, students should practice checking for understanding.  They should read two pages, stop, and check for understanding by saying two statements about the text.  I would like them to repeat this process every two pages.

-As they read, the kids should be making predictions.   They should read two pages, stop, and predict by making one statement about what they think will happen next.

-As they read, students can write text-to-self connections.  These connections are anything in the book that reminds them of their lives.

-To practice fluency, you could read one page then let your child read a page.  As you read, you can model reading with punctuation and expression.   Another way to practice fluency is to choose short books, or poems and have students do multiple readings of the same text. 

2)  Math Worksheet